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Events Affected by Cov-19

    The current Coronavirus COV-19 situation has disrupted the calendar of woodworking events. Below is a list of events that we know have been rescheduled, planned to be rescheduled, and cancelled. Other events are still monitoring the situation.

    Many woodworking stores and suppliers are remaining open, classified as essential businesses. However, most upcoming classes and club activities have been cancelled. Call stores, schools, and clubs for status.
    • Rockler stores are currently open, and offering curbside pickup for phone orders. Stores in Pasadena, CA and Beaverton, OR are only offering curbside pickup, until further notice.
    • Tropical Exotic Hardwoods is only accepting online/phone orders, with curbside pickup.
    Events Rescheduled
    • The American Association of Woodturners' 2020 Symposium, scheduled for June 4-7 in Louisville, KY, has gone virtual. An online symposium will be held July 10-12. For info: www.woodturner.org/.
    • The Ogden Nature Center's 27th annual Birdhouse Competition and Exhibit is running thru Aug. 29. For info: www.ogdennaturecenter.org or call: (801) 621-7595.
    • The Mesa Contemporary Arts 41st annual Contemporary Crafts Exhibit is running thru Aug. 2 in Mesa,AZ. For info: www.mesaartscenter.com or call: (480) 644-6560.
    • The 3rd annual Texas Woodworking Festival has been rescheduled for Sept. 26, in Austin, TX. For info: www.texaswoodworkingfestival.com or call: (361) 857-9228.
    • Wood Magazine has rescheduled its 8th annual Weekend with Wood to Oct. 29–Nov. 1, 2020, at the publication’s headquarters in Des Moines, IA. For info: www.weekendwithwood.com or call: (888) 636-4478.
    • The Gathering of the Oregon Guilds, scheduled for May 1-3 in Portland, OR, has been rescheduled for Oct 28-Nov 1. For info: www.guildoforegonwoodworkers.org/.

    Events Postponed
    • The Furniture Society has postponed its annual conference, scheduled for June 17-20 in Asheville, NC, to 2021. For info: www.furnsoc.org/.
    • The 6th annual Japanese woodworking Kezurou-Kai event, Apr. 18-19 in El Cerrito, CA has been postponed for a later date. For info: www.kezuroukai.us/.
    • The 9th annual Honolulu Woodturning Symposium, Mar. 21-22 in Honolulu, HI has been postponed for later in the year. For more info: www.honoluluwoodturners.org/.
    • The 44th annual Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit has been rescheduled for Apr. 24-25, 2021, at the Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College, Portland, OR. For info: www.nwmusicalinstrumentshow.org/.
    • Lie-Nielsen Toolworks has cancelled its Spring schedule of Hand Tool Events. A Virtual Hand Tool Event will take place Apr. 10-11. For info: www.lie-nielsen.com or call: (800) 327-2520.
    • The 34th annual Santa Fe Symposium, scheduled for May 17-20 in Albuquerque, NM, has been postponed. For info: www.santafesymposium.org/.
    • The Capitol Wood Carvers Show, scheduled for Apr. 4-5 in Salem, OR is being postponed. For info: www.capitolwoodcarvers.org/.
    Events Cancelled
    • The IWF Fair, scheduled for Aug. 25-28 in Atlanta, GA, has been cancelled. For info: www.iwfatlanta.com/.
    • The American Craft Show scheduled for August in San Francisco, CA, has been cancelled. For info: www.craftcouncil.org/.
    • The Design in Wood Exhibition at the San Diego County Fair, scheduled for June 5-July 5 in Del Mar, CA, has been cancelled. For info: www.sdfair.com/.
    • The Fine Art Woodworking Exhibition at the Orange County Fair, scheduled for July 17-Aug. 16 in Costa Mesa, CA, has been cancelled. For info: www.ocfair.com/.
    • Fine Woodworking magazine's 2020 Live, Apr. 17-19 in Southbridge, MA has been cancelled. For info: www.finewoodworkinglive.com/.
    • The California State Fair, scheduled for July 17-Aug. 2 in Sacramento, CA, has been cancelled. For info: www.calexpostatefair.com/.
    • The 2020 U.S. Bodgers Ball and Green Wood Festival, scheduled for June 26-28 in Mount Horeb, WI, has been cancelled. For info: sites.google.com/site/usbodgersballgreenwoodfestival/.
    • The Alaska Woodturners Association has cancelled its 13th annual Woodturning Symposium, Apr. 4-5, in Anchorage, AK. For info: www.akwoodturners.org.
    • The National Wood Flooring Assoc.'s 2020 Wood Flooring Expo, Apr. 28-30 in Milwaukee, WI. has been cancelled. For info: www.nwfaexpo.org/.
    • The 82nd annual Redwood Regional Logging Conference, scheduled for Mar. 19-21 in Eureka, CA, has been cancelled. For info: www.rrlc.net or call: (707) 443-4091.
    • The 3rd annual Truckee (CA) Building Show, scheduled for May 23-24 in Truckee, CA, has been cancelled. For info: www.truckeehomeshow.com or call: (530) 587-3477.
    • The Stairbuilders & Manufacturers Conference, scheduled for Apr. 16-18 in Denver, CO, has been cancelled. For info: www.stairways.org or call: (877) 500-5759.
    • The Guild of American Luthiers' 2020 Convention/Exhibition, scheduled for July 22-26 in Tacoma, WA, has been cancelled. For info: www.luth.org/.
    • The 10th annual Ozark Woodcarving Seminar scheduled for Mar. 15-20 in Springfield, MO, has been cancelled. For info: www.ozarkswoodcarvingseminar.com/.
    • The Idaho Artistry in Wood Show, scheduled for Mar. 21-22 in Boise, ID has been cancelled. For info: www.idhoartitryinwood.org/.
    • The Great Salt Lake Woodcarvers Show, scheduled for Mar. 20-21 at Wheeler Historic Farm, Salt Lake City, UT, has been cancelled. For info: www.gslcarvers.com/.
    • The Rochester Woodcarvers annual show, scheduled for Mar. 21-22 at Graham Park, Rochester, MN has been cancelled. For info: https://www.facebook.com/rochcarve/.
    • The Texas State Woodcarvers RoundUp, scheduled for Mar. 28-30 at Youth Event Center, Kerrville, TX has been cancelled. For info: www.texaswoodcarversguild.com/.
    • The Old Tool Swap Meet, scheduled for Apr. 6 at Rockler in San Diego, has been cancelled. For info: www.sdfwa.org/old-tool-swap-meet/
    • The Pacific Northwest Tool Collectors have cancelled their March and April Tool Events. For info: https://pntc.website/

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